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Edges 58

posted on 20th Dec 10 at 21:26



posted on 20th Dec 10 at 18:09

mirrors will not be more than 10 amp pal in case u dont know and so its easier for you to locate them fuses are colour coded so

7.5 amp is brown
red 10 amp
15 blue
20 yellow
30 green

high power things such as
heater motors
cigerette lighters
are 30 amp

then charging systems are around 20

then your accessorys i.e indicators lights interior comforts are 10 hope this helps pal

Edges 58

posted on 20th Dec 10 at 16:00

Thanks for that!! Any idea what size fuse to use??


posted on 20th Dec 10 at 02:01

and as for your fuses just make sure there is a good fuse in every hole with electrical terminals in it


posted on 20th Dec 10 at 01:58

very much doubt its the mirrors get your self a mutli meter and check for power to the mirror when you operating the switch no power means no connection (or a bad one) follow your tracks back and u will usually fall accross what u have done wrong always good to have a good long look at the car the electric ones came off for your own reference when fitting to yours :D

Edges 58

posted on 19th Dec 10 at 11:57

Hi, just bought some electric mirrors from the scrap yard to replace my manual ones, have the 21 pins on the car to door loom plugs and the door looms for mirrors and windows, fitted them and neither side works :( what fuse number is the one for leccy mirrors?? Could it be a faulty switch or is it likely that both mirror motors are nackered???

Thanks in advance