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Nic Barnes

posted on 1st Jun 09 at 19:34

stupidly last thing i check is the battery. yeah the cells are nearly empty. awesome. perhaps thats the root of all my problems.

Nic Barnes

posted on 1st Jun 09 at 17:52

well no, thats not fixed anything other than the clock. still a major problem somewhere. battery voltage is dropping down to 8v and under when trying to crank. dont think it turns the engine over more than a quarter of a turn.

piece of shit. pissed off with it now.

Nic Barnes

posted on 1st Jun 09 at 16:59

found a dead fuse. was fuse for the hazards lights etc so not sure why that effects the radio. hoping as that will be tied into the alarm also that it was the alarm that was draining the battery. hopefully anyway.


posted on 30th May 09 at 22:46

It's either a fuse OR the live at the back off the thingy.


posted on 30th May 09 at 18:19

why should i help a thief and a liar?


posted on 30th May 09 at 11:12

Can I have 20 as well then? :look:

Nic Barnes

posted on 30th May 09 at 11:07

thanks for the help?


posted on 30th May 09 at 06:46

send me 20

Nic Barnes

posted on 30th May 09 at 01:45

basically put ignition on, info display in centre of dashboard doesnt light up. put headlights on then it does. although it only starts working when headlights go on. for example tonight start car, headlights on date is back to 1992. time at 0:00

left my mates house half an hour ago and its reset. so it has an ignition live problem. the cars battery has decided it wants to drain itself. anyone think perhaps they are linked somehow? and where do i start looking for the live to them?

[Edited on 30-05-2009 by Nic Barnes]