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posted on 13th Mar 09 at 14:34

:lol: Awesome, ill give it a go. Just wasnt sure on the realy location.

Cheers guys x


posted on 13th Mar 09 at 14:31

It should do Marc - there is only one way to find out though, I'm unsure if all Corsa's are wired to buzz.

If it doesn't, just swap the relay into VeeTwo, just to make sure it's not goosed.


posted on 13th Mar 09 at 14:30

So you want to fit a buzzer to a non equipped car?
I'm assuming if you stick the buzzer relay in the car without one fitted that it will work as i'd guess the wiring will be there.

Just stick it in and see if it works, If not you'll need to wire it up. I'd presume that part of the car loom is all standard and pre wired for such extras.
Although I have been known to be wrong in the past:lol:


posted on 13th Mar 09 at 14:25

If i swap - or do i put in the realy (ie hers doesnt have one) - with the one out my 99 SXI that did beep, it would beep?


posted on 13th Mar 09 at 14:23

It'll porbably have the same fusebox then. On mine it's tucked above the fuse box so a little harder to get at.

You should be able to get at the relay with the cover off.


posted on 13th Mar 09 at 14:21

Awesome, thanks dude :thumbs:

Its a 1995 Corsa B Spin


posted on 13th Mar 09 at 14:17

Yup it is in the fusebox bud.
What year is your Corsa? MY later Corsa has a seperate attachment onto my fusebox.
The pic shows a pre face GSi fusebox but the relay will be the same.

It's located on the bottom right of the 5 relays in the pic. To the right of the green relay.

Here is a pic of the fuse removed.

Hope that helps chap.


posted on 13th Mar 09 at 11:42



posted on 12th Mar 09 at 20:17

I understand its just a relay in the fuse panel.

Any ideas on location/colour/number?