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posted on 23rd Jun 08 at 12:50

Sounds alot like the timing chain to me (I had the same with mine). After going to a number of garages I was quoted between abotu 150 anywhere up to 500 to have the chain/tensioners replaced. The cheaper qutoes were for the chain only, the more expensive were for the full kit including tensioners.

Some smaller garages wouldnt do it because they dont have the required tools.

Also, if youve hit a kerb at any kind of speed I would suggest getting the tracking checked out :thumbs:


posted on 23rd Jun 08 at 12:18

Ok, ive been looking at the engine for about 2 hrs 2day. The exhaust manifold is secure, bar the one bolt on the very front cos it was sorta rusted in place so i cudnt get it off, but its been secured with cardboard :). I cant see anything else out of place, apart from lots of oil and grime. When i started the car up the rattly noise is still there, and its localised to the inside of the engine, left side where the belt is, making me believe its the timing chain thats got loose. How much am i looking at to get it tightened and/or replaced??


posted on 22nd Jun 08 at 21:55

No-one there that can offer any advice???? Im gonna start working on this 2mrw, see if i can find anything out of place.


posted on 22nd Jun 08 at 21:11

Just a quick update. The noise has avenged itself. Its very easy to hear it on idle, its a bad rattle, when i rev it a little the noise increases in pitch, but u cant hear it over the sound of the engine when driving. Also its lost a little bit of power as well, not as responsive as before.

Also yesterday i skidded it in the rain and ended up on the grass verge, over a kerb. I dont know if that has had an effect on it?

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posted on 21st Jun 08 at 14:46

My money is still on the timing chain mate. place a solid metal bar (like a socket wrench or the normal wheel brace) on the plastic cover and you should be able to hear it better if you put your ear next the the end of the bar (sounds strang I know, but it does work)

Trying topping the oil back up and see how it goes :thumbs:


posted on 21st Jun 08 at 14:42

Yup still making that odd noise. Its still driving normally as well. I will try and localise the area where the noise is coming from. Then i can go from there.


posted on 21st Jun 08 at 14:32

I suppose you could check the engine itself for any signs of freshly leaked oil (sump gasket, sump nut, other gaskets/seals) but personally I wouldnt worry too much over half a litre. Just keep an eye on it and see how it goes.

Is it driving normally? Still making the odd noise from the chain area?


posted on 21st Jun 08 at 14:29

I cant see any oil on the road, there is no mayo, and exhaust fumes are normal coloured. I did think of head gasket, so i checked usual places, but nothing appears to be out of order. I shall run the new switch in and see if that makes a difference. Is there anything else i can be checking in the meantime?


posted on 21st Jun 08 at 14:22

Have you got any patches of oil where the car is usually parked? (ie where its parked alot, driveway or outside house)

Is there any blue smoke coming from the exhaust? (burning oil)

Any white mayo crap under the oil filler cap? (Head gasket failure)


posted on 21st Jun 08 at 14:08

Right, just changed the switch, very easy job. Part cost me 4.90, which is reasonable. I also discovered oil and coolant loss as well, which is worrying. Oil had gone down about half a litre and coolant was down about a centimeter from the cold line. All this was only topped up a cpl of weeks ago. :boggle:


posted on 20th Jun 08 at 15:31

I think so mate, fairly straight forward job. Just get the switch changed, check your oil and keep an eye on the noise...

...if it continues though be prepared for a shock. When I had mine done garages were quoting around 150+ to replace just the chain, or anywhere up to 500 to replace the chain and tensioners :!

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posted on 20th Jun 08 at 15:21

Its done 65,100 miles at last count. I know that the oil pressure switch needs replacing cos it sends sum oil dripping down the side of the engine. What i will do is replace the switch and see what that does. Is it litrally just one bolt, replace switch bolt back on?


posted on 20th Jun 08 at 15:16

sounds like the timing chain to me tbh. Its quite common on these engines IIRC

what milage has the car done?

try checking the oil level, the tensioner work on oil pressure so if youre oil is low then it might be low on pressure :boggle: Thats the case with mine anyway, due to my oil leak, my oil is usually a bit low and so the chain isnt tensed


posted on 20th Jun 08 at 15:03

Yup, bit of a rattle. Sounded more like a random vibration near the back.


posted on 20th Jun 08 at 14:58

what sort of noise is it? rattle? sound like metal perhaps?

Could be the timing chain, you wont have been able to check it without taking bits of engine off and the noise does go away if you rev (if the chain is loose etc)


posted on 20th Jun 08 at 14:56

Just been outside. The noise is coming from left hand side of engine, near the back about halfway down. When i rev the shit out of it the noise goes away, but then comes back. I checked the belt, and its not slack or anything.


posted on 20th Jun 08 at 14:46

strange noise :boggle: whirring, rattling, knocking, mooing :boggle:

The 1.0 12v has a timing chain, not a belt, so when oil is low, or the chain/tensoiner are wearing you will start to hear like a rattling noise?

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posted on 20th Jun 08 at 14:36

Timing belt or tensioners need changing maybe? I had a similar problem on my sport and that seemed to sort it :thumbs:

Edit: it could be your fan belt needs changing?
(The belt for the Altenator,PAS and A/C if you have it)

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posted on 20th Jun 08 at 14:32

Basically over the past week my engine has sounded different. On idle there is a strange noise coming from the belt area to the left of the engine. Whilst driving it sounds ok. Engine is 1.0 12v. any ideas?