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Dave A

posted on 17th Jan 08 at 09:25

well I know that the corsa VXR box will fit onto a smallblock 1600 engine and the z18xe smallblock. however I dont think the astra VXR box will so there may be differences in the mounting face between the astra and corsa VXR box.

also the spline on the shaft in the box may be different


posted on 17th Jan 08 at 06:57

Thanks Robin I got that from google already, just got seem to find specifics if there are different ones :/

Warren G

posted on 16th Jan 08 at 22:05

isnt there a AF32? will look on TIS for you william when im back home


posted on 16th Jan 08 at 21:49

Also, from what I've found, the top of the range Vectra diesels (3.0 CDTi for example) had the F40 6 speed, which won't fit a Z/CLET at all.

It seems it was also fitted to the 2.2 Direct Injection petrol in the Vectra C.

The M32 has only been used in VXRs and the 2.8 V6 Vectra Elite so far.

Not sure about different types of gearbox though, can't find any info about it.

It's a Getrag 'box though, so there might be some info on their site?


posted on 16th Jan 08 at 21:41

This probably isn't what you want to hear Will...

"m32 gearbox is not a simple fit as driveshafts are different , you would have to change the shafts, you also have to change all engine mounts to do it properly and the gearlever also has to be changed, clutch is different too"


posted on 16th Jan 08 at 20:44

im sure there is 2 types of f32 i see it the other the day something about the starter being at the front or the back

sorry i could be well off im just sure i read something about it

[Edited on 16-01-2008 by carnuts]


posted on 16th Jan 08 at 19:14

Astra 2.2? The G had an F23, and I didn't think there was a 2.2 H?


posted on 16th Jan 08 at 15:47


Does anyone know if there are different variants of the M32 gearbox? So far I found out its fitted to:

Astra VXR
Corsa VXR
Astra 2.2
Vectra Dervs

Surely there must be a different variant because of the Corsa VXR having a 1.6 engine?