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posted on 9th Jan 08 at 22:00

thermostat gettin ordered tomorrow then.. ;) not listened for it, maybe a thought though!



posted on 9th Jan 08 at 21:59

PMSL, Fire away mate haha. Waterpump noisy at all? Could be a Thermostat etc.


posted on 9th Jan 08 at 21:50

temp gauge goes up pretty quick once started.. dont fancy doing a waterpump, its the wrong weather outside... lol

was hoping someone was gona say turn the key twice hit the engine with a hammer and clean ur battery terminals :lol:


posted on 9th Jan 08 at 21:45

Possible new water pump?? Does it heat up quickly on idle?

Mine drops to warm if I stop for a while, I just hold the revs at 2k until they get hot again :lol:


posted on 9th Jan 08 at 21:35

my x14xe has recently got this problem...

sitting in traffic, temperature gauge creaps past 100*C put the heaters on full to cool it down but the heaters are blowing cold air... once on the move the heaters are working great and the temp gauge comes back to normal...

i have plenty of water in the system... so where does my problem lie?

just wana know other peoples thoughts before i start splashing my cash :thumbs: