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posted on 24th Aug 07 at 07:47

No, thr EML light covers many minor electrical and engine faults.


posted on 24th Aug 07 at 07:35

I have an engine managment light on all the time, my car hasnt had a good run yet but could i have the same problem??


posted on 23rd Aug 07 at 08:19

Thanks for the advice both of you, will get myself a bosch spare part and avoid vauxhall if I can.
Cheers, Alex


posted on 22nd Aug 07 at 08:03

For one, Welcome!

For two - this is in the wrong section, but we'll let you off! My bad - no it isnt.

Three - You have a problem with your air flow meter. You need a new one - make sure you get a genuine Boosh one though!

Its a common problem on these engines.

[Edited on 22-08-2007 by pow]


posted on 22nd Aug 07 at 08:02

Itl prob be a fault with the Air mass meter, that was the problem with my first car (1.0 12v corsa) changed the air mass meter and it worked fine.

Im possitive it is that because it sounds exactly the same,

You drive down the motorway at like 70 eml will come on so ull have to let go of acl until it goes off, thn itl happen again etc an top speed is like what 70-80 before it comes on.

Trust me Get one of these

Just find out the part no. and get a replacment, dont go to vauxhall as they charge way too much


posted on 22nd Aug 07 at 07:19


Had this 1.0l Corsa since last October, and this fault has happened about 10/12 times. My car is an X Reg, so last of the old style.

I can be going along on main road/motorway at 50-70 and feel a drop in power for about 30 seconds/1 min, and the Engine Management Light comes on, so I ease of the Throttle until the light goes out. Usually I end up driving on Motorway at 65 to prevent this!

Its very annoying because other times on motorway car will go along fine for whole journey between 70-80mph. I just have a lake of confidence in overtaking even at lower speeds incase the Power gets cut when I am in the middle of the road and a car is going to hit me!!!

Anyone got any advice? Had experience of this?