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Vaux Lad

posted on 26th Apr 07 at 14:33

So the only connection to the ecu the pickup has is the ecu light, and the blue/red speed signal?(i belive this is the wire it uses to turn the immo off)

Its a bit hard see on that diagram, but is the third wire along on the bottom row,from left, a blue/red? Does it get this signal from the ecu loom? Or direct from the speed sensor?

[Edited on 26-04-2007 by Vaux Lad]

Dave A

posted on 26th Apr 07 at 08:47

here you go mate, this should help:

Vaux Lad

posted on 25th Apr 07 at 18:35

Just get the ring connecting plug off a scrap car loom(just the small grey plug)
Thats what i've done.

And extend the wires. Only one/two wires from the pickup goes to the ecu iirc. A blue/red, and ecu light wire.

[Edited on 25-04-2007 by Vaux Lad]

Warren G

posted on 25th Apr 07 at 18:23

what about the immboliser ring tho (wiring from ecu to the immboliser ring)????

bearing in mind it was a c16xe without a immboliser

[Edited on 25-04-2007 by warren.g]

Vaux Lad

posted on 25th Apr 07 at 18:07

Fit the x16xe loom, transponder etc.

Warren G

posted on 25th Apr 07 at 17:45

all you have to do is swap loom over, no rewiring needed, i think


posted on 25th Apr 07 at 17:40

right,let me explain what the situation is:

i recently brought a corsa,quite well know show wise,as a project,hoping to get it ready for pvs the car came with no engine,so after searching for a while i came across a x16xe with 63000 miles on,complete with everything needed(loom ecu chip transponder etc) now the problem i have got is the car used to have a c16xe in,so doesnt have the wiring for the transponder,causing a bit of a headache,now what i am after,if anybody would be willing to help,is for somebody to come down and wire it in for me,as i havent a clue how to do it.and to also point me in the right direction in finishing the engine,as it is its in the bay,so really just needs cables routing and plugs plugging in.obviously would be paying petrol and some for doing it,but understand that most people wouldnt want to step in and sort somebody elses mess out.

just thought i would ask,worth a try!,as it looks increasingly likely the car will not be ready for pv.

thanks for taking the time to read.:thumbs: