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Dave A

posted on 23rd Jun 06 at 00:12

well, they arent really high lift, its just that theres no cut outs in the pistons.

get a head gasket set for 50. that includes stem seals, head gasket, bolts well everything you need really. lot less hassle too.

Black Mamba

posted on 22nd Jun 06 at 23:52

not when the recon'd head is goin for v little money. but thanks for the advice, i figured that might be the case, just read on here they fit, c16xe cams must have a fairly high lift to interfere, higher than x14xe aftermarket ones?

Dave A

posted on 22nd Jun 06 at 23:24

no it wont work. c16xe pistons have valve cut-outs in the pistons due to the cams having a higher lift.

x14xe's dont have these cut outs in the pistons. why not just replace the stem seals and the rocker gasket? its a lot easier and cheaper.

Black Mamba

Icon depicting mood of post posted on 22nd Jun 06 at 22:58

ok, i know im running another thread but this is kinda urgent, got the opportunity of gettin a c16xe head, now my stem seals have gone and my rocker cover gasket, is there anything wrong with puttin a c16xe head on a x14xe block, is there anythin good about it? i did a search and am pretty sure it'll fit. any help much appreciated. Cheers:thumbs: