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posted on 8th Oct 05 at 02:57

I'm not getting the bigger turbo to use more power now.... i know that i CAN NOT make any more boost with those internals... my problem is that i've broke my second std turbo and is time to put another... i was thinking in putting one allready capable of handling 400hp... but now will run the 1.15 hold boost of EVO310 VMAX xip!


posted on 7th Oct 05 at 21:44

its all about how you set it up mate and control the boost.
if this; putting a bigger turbo on is to get more power then save your money and get the internals built upto spec.
i have a T34 for mine and i have spent alot on internal mods.

you best bet is get your money spent on making the engine strong, play with bigger Chips upto whatever your turbo will let you do (which i think you on the limits on Evo5).
away think engine strengh before power, this is the reason why you see so many people blowing there engines up as they put say EDS3.5 on and hope for the best, 2 weeks later it go's pop and they wounder why........


posted on 7th Oct 05 at 16:09

You can put a big turbo onto the standard engine, the actuator will not let the turbo boost higher than it is meant to, providing you have it set up properly... You just have to adjust the actuator so the engine only gets the correct ammount of boost according to your boost gauge. Motronic will also shut the engine down into safe mode if the boost spikes too high as well.


posted on 7th Oct 05 at 16:05

Yes... but for now, i just want to have a turbo that can handle the running... 1.15 hold with 1.5 peak.

The internal upgrade is something for the next year... no money now.

But i think is a bit stupid to put a small turbo now and next year i need other!!!

My question is about the use of this big turbo on std engine with that kind of boost.

Yes, some big lag... but i dont care about that, when it goes, it goes...

Anymore thoughts?


posted on 7th Oct 05 at 15:58

What pistons are you running? Your probably going to need lower compression ones, forged obviously. You should get the bottom end all re-built with up rated parts too... Oh and cooling, stuff like oil jets and higher capacity oil coolers are a good diea.... You could even consider water injection to whack the boost up nice and high :D


Icon depicting mood of post posted on 7th Oct 05 at 14:57

Hi there
its the second time i've problems with my std turbo
so i'm thinking on upgrading it with 400hp in mind, not for now, but next year maybe
other way is GT28 for the present output of 300hp... making it safe, but no upgrade from there

any one wkth experience
and toughts that can help me about this issue?

cheers... :thumbs: