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posted on 23rd Aug 05 at 23:02

To explain a little better... the conversion kits from bigcat replace the internal/external (dependant on age of PS2) 240v convertors, with a convertor that accepts 12v dc.


posted on 23rd Aug 05 at 23:01

PS2's have an operating voltakge of approx 5v dc... Why would you want to step up to 240v ac, with an invertor, only for the PS2 to then have to drop it back down from 240v, to the 5v dc it needs??

Aside from that, invertors can cause major interference (not always, but I have seen bad examples)... and the voltage convertors from Bigcat will take FAR less power than an invertor, meaning you can use the PS2 without the car running for much longer than would be possible with an invertor.

If the above isn't good enough reason for you, then buy an invertor. :)


posted on 23rd Aug 05 at 22:35

what is wrong with inverters?


posted on 23rd Aug 05 at 22:25

Don't use an inverter!! Goto

[Edited on 23-08-2005 by stubs]


posted on 23rd Aug 05 at 22:24

Hello all,

Just bought a screen of ebay and will be attaching my PS2 to it. What I would like to know is where have you guys put your screens and also PS2's? It don't look like the PS2 will fit in my glove box. Is there any modifications I have to do to make it fit, or am I best to put it under the drivers seat? Also what is the best option to power my ps2? Is there any other options that an inverter?

Also have you got any pics of your ps2 install?

Sorry for all the questions.