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posted on 10th May 05 at 07:11

Complain to VOSA.

Steve Smith

posted on 9th May 05 at 23:35

there will be a date stamp in the centre of the block just above the sump on the front of the engine. (front = exhaust side.)


posted on 9th May 05 at 22:44

Well to be fair any decent garrage who does MOTs will know the diff between a Red top and an Eotec so they will know that its definately know its a pre aug 92 engine.Otherwise i would be worried leaving my car with them for anything.

I found a real decent garrage near me they basically took one at the car and the bloke told me it would be fine as the engine was made from 86-92 so you wont be needing a CAT he even rang the ministry for me as I had a query concerning flush door handles.

If i was you get it sorted then go back to the garrage who mugged you off and tell them they are pricks

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posted on 9th May 05 at 22:37

i was told when i took mine for a mot car requires a cat its compulsesory (typo) mine didnt cat but still passed me ;)


posted on 9th May 05 at 17:35

can u proove its a 1990 engine?? if not u don't have a leg to stand on go's on year of car u must be able to produce some kind of documetation like a reg doc


posted on 9th May 05 at 17:07

I have found somewhere that is going to do it for me at the weekend!! I normaly pay 50 for an mot but it will always pass if you now what i mean!!! this time thought id have a proper 1


posted on 9th May 05 at 17:02

Umm, me 2............cant you take it somewhere else, dont you have rumours around where you live about garages pushing a car through u thought didnt stand a chance!

I got mine through an MOT and i shud have a cat but i haven't. He said if he didnt know my old man he would have wanted the log book from the donor car to defineatly prove its age.

Take it somewhere else u know will pass it.


posted on 9th May 05 at 17:00

to be honest i thought telling weather it chould have a cat or not is simple.

c20xe - should have a cat
20xe - no cat


posted on 9th May 05 at 16:58

Its proving its a pre 92 car, think you need the log book from the donor car to defineatly prove its pre 92 at some garages. Look under the car, just above the sump in the middle there will be a date stamped eg: 08 - 09 - 90

This is when the block was made, but it maybe never went in the car as a complete engine until after 92, they dont know so tell them to look at that if push comes to shuv.

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posted on 9th May 05 at 15:41

twat just didnt want to know just started going blah blah bla after 93 the law sats it must have CAT I knew i was right, Interestingly I phoned up vx this afternoon and spoke to masterfit who do MOT, the guy said im not sure to be honest but I will check the book, he phoned back said it would be fine.

As i said even if i had gone into the station (first place)and quoted the book he would have failed it for somethinl like 'your paint is to red'

James R

posted on 9th May 05 at 14:01

IT's in section 7.3, exhaust and emissions, basically the car's emissions is tested to the age of the car or engine, which ever is older.
Also if they do a BETs testa nd it fails (which it would) then they have ot test a 2L corsa, which isn't on the computer so reverts to the simple emissions test.


posted on 9th May 05 at 12:54

found some one to do it!!! and at 9am sunday morning!!!! Polixe are never going to believe me if i get pulled on they way!!!


posted on 9th May 05 at 12:41

good site beardy

From 1st August 2001 a simplified emissions check was introduced and this will be carried out on vehicles prior to doing a full "CAT" test. If the vehicle meets the requirements during this BETs (basic emission test) then it passes. There will be no need to measure the engine temperature using the analyser probe but the vehicle must be at normal running temperature. However, engine rpm will still be measured. If the vehicle fails the BET then the full "CAT" test is applied.


posted on 9th May 05 at 12:35

One important issue must be cleared up straight away. There is no requirement for a catalytic converter to be fitted to any vehicle, regardless of its age.

An older engine fitted to a vehicle will be tested to the age of the engine (evidence needed). A newer engine fitted to an older car will be tested to the age of the car i.e whichever is the oldest.

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posted on 9th May 05 at 12:32

no took it one place and they said this car has no cat... then phoned about 5 other places and they have all told me to fook off, problem is if you start arguing with them they wll just find some other reason to fail it.


posted on 9th May 05 at 12:31

Ask Jill off here she found it online where it says they take the MOT Emission's of the year of the engine not the car


posted on 9th May 05 at 12:25

explain that the engine meets all the emission requirements that its supposed to

tell them a car doesn't give off emissions, but the engine does, and that engine meets the requirements when its in other shells.

would they even run the emissions test to see outcome?


posted on 9th May 05 at 12:24

there in the wrong mate
as they should MOT test the engine as a '90 cally if u can prove the engines year they have to mate its the law


posted on 9th May 05 at 12:21

get some hard evidence and rub it in their face..

or barrow a cat from someone for the mot only :)


posted on 9th May 05 at 12:19

Got a 97 sport with a 20xe in it, from a 90 cali i think. None of my local testers will mot it as a 2.0 16v corsa they just say because it is manufactured after 1992 it need's to have a cat no argument :mad: