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posted on 13th Apr 05 at 17:45

as long as its spanner tight then it should be alrite, look in ur haynes and it will have a torque rating for it.

MoNkEy MaGiC

posted on 13th Apr 05 at 17:35

thanks for help everyone :)

the PT tape seems to be holding it, however i did not tighten it TOO much in case i made it worse!

but, how tight should the sump bolt be done??


posted on 13th Apr 05 at 16:43

PT tape it and see if that stops it
its the cheapest and if that dosent work try the above

MoNkEy MaGiC

posted on 13th Apr 05 at 16:28

oh no, its a sump off job!
i need it done today!

Vauxhall quoted me 165 for new sump!!!!
think i will just get a sump from a scrappy later on as it will be much cheaper and i can fit it myself, and il try the sealant tape around the new bolt for now, thanks for the help though :thumbs:

any other ideas anyone??

[Edited on 13-04-2005 by MoNkEy MaGiC]

James R

posted on 13th Apr 05 at 16:24

You've killed the sump plug thread over tightening it, as it's soft alloy it's not too hard.

You can do the above, I think it's an M18 thread. And will set you back about 30-50 to have done.
Basically the remains of the dea thread is drilled out, then a larger thread is tapped in, then a insert is thread in to the new larger thread, this sleaves down th elarger hole with a internal thread on it the same as the sump plug thread.

Plan B is to get a new sump from the scrap yard, as it will probably cost less to have done in the end.


posted on 13th Apr 05 at 16:17

Basically its a replacement thread for the sump plu hole, you'll probably have to have the sump off, most hardware/automotive shops should have one, or a local engineers may sort you out, take both the sump plug and the sump round though :thumbs:

MoNkEy MaGiC

posted on 13th Apr 05 at 16:10

Originally posted by SRi-Co
helicoil kit mate , tiz the only sure way to sort it :thumbs:

"HeliCoil Kit" tell me more, how does this work :boggle:

and would halfords have it??


posted on 13th Apr 05 at 16:05

helicoil kit mate , tiz the only sure way to sort it :thumbs:

MoNkEy MaGiC

posted on 13th Apr 05 at 16:01

i was doing oil change and when i was tightening up the oil draining bolt on the sump it would not tighten! it basically starts to tighten and then gets loose again!!

im thinking the sump tread for the bolt to go into is damaged/worn :(

i got a new bolt from vauxhall, you think using PT tape, or some sort of sealant tape around the bolt will help??:boggle: