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posted on 9th Feb 05 at 08:40

Upgrade the Engine to chassis. Battery (-) to chassis and alternator + to batter (+) with some 4 or 2 gauge wiring. You will also need 6 ring connectors. And if your still getting problems upgrade your battery upfront to the biggest one you can. A diesel one should be fine :D


posted on 9th Feb 05 at 00:44

one other thing i have noticed tho, with each loud base note my headlights and interier lights dim slightly, wat can i do to sort this out or is it ok to leave it????


posted on 9th Feb 05 at 00:43

right iv fitted the sub this morning and f.c.u.k is it loud, they dont cancel each other out and does sound pretty good, just got everything in the car vibrating now!!!!!


posted on 7th Feb 05 at 19:13

they will cancel each other out anyway, you need to know a LOT about setup to have a chance of mixing sub sizes successfully.
If you want 2 subs, get 2 exactly the same and an amp that can power both, either bridged or a mono amp.


posted on 7th Feb 05 at 18:50

ok i get ya, wot bout if i get another amp then to run the second sub????


posted on 7th Feb 05 at 18:45

Assuming it doesn't sound rubbish, it will probably cause the amp to run hot.

Do you know the impedance of both subs and that which your amp is capable of?

Bear in mind that its not a case of wiring the second sub to the second channel, you don't want stereo in bass, they should work completely together and not possibly cancel each other out if they're not on the same channel.


posted on 7th Feb 05 at 18:39

ive already got my 12' sub wired to my 2 channel amp, now ive just bought a 10' sub off my mate. Mite sound like a silly question but what leads do i exactly lead to wire a 2nd sub to my amp??? ta