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posted on 8th Dec 04 at 10:54

my x12xe defo couldnt run without one. No pressure and the engine kept overheating


posted on 8th Dec 04 at 10:42

u can run without 1, but water will evaporate out, so it'll need toppping regularly.


posted on 8th Dec 04 at 09:32

i payed like 3 from my local auto factors for a new cap. You need it cos like it has been said, it will boil over when the car idles when hot, and u lose a shitload of water, then the engine overheats.


posted on 8th Dec 04 at 09:28

Gte a ne wone from Vauxhall Only 11 quid. id say worth it for a good running car


posted on 8th Dec 04 at 09:14

i have a spare cap


posted on 8th Dec 04 at 08:52

i was driving with a faulty cap which wasnt holding pressure, and cos of it it kept boiling over when i was in long queues...

the pressure created with a good cap helps raise the boiling temperature so stopping it boiling over before the fan kicks in.

new cap cost me about 12 from vauxhall - there all the same too, so dont worry if it will fit or not

there was also a noticeable difference to in running temps with the faulty cap compared to the good one, the engine runs alot cooler with a good cap!

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Mark Petty

posted on 8th Dec 04 at 08:48

The time u spent on here writing this message you could of got the cap :P

Stone Cold Rattlesnake

posted on 7th Dec 04 at 23:51

Yeh def. get hold of another cap, a temporary solution like that is ok for driving to get the new cap for instance - temporary only though


posted on 7th Dec 04 at 23:38

Thought so, wasn't sure.

Yes, opening the cap on hot engine spurts hot water/steam at you. Trust me.
I'd get a cap before I drove any car missing it.

Black Corsa SRi

posted on 7th Dec 04 at 21:01

you need the cap really or something thats gonna hold the pressure cause despite what people are saying on here trust me if you rev the engine more than a few thousand revs (ie drive it) with no cap or just a bit of tape the prssure will send a fountian of water out the tank. I know this for a fact as when i changed the coolant on my old corsa I did exacly this when running it to expell air locks etc! LOL

thats why if you were to run the engine then remove the cap as soon as you turn the engine off you get a releace of pressure and that is also why it warns you not to! LOL the warnign is also there to stop you burning yourself onthe hot air more so but u know what i mean! LOL

[Edited on 07-12-2004 by Black Corsa SRi]


posted on 7th Dec 04 at 18:37

Notice question marks?
It was a question. :P


posted on 7th Dec 04 at 18:26

eek missed a bit -

Its not called a "Header tank" for nothing.

Too creat a "Head" of water :P

FEAR MY PLUMBING KNOWLEDGE!!!!! (sp) (dont fear that tho)


posted on 7th Dec 04 at 18:25

shhs fool :P

Its not called a "Header tank" for nothing. if u have noticed its higgher (slightly) than the inlets too the engine. this creats enough pressure in the system.

I sure that the system dont require proper pressure 2 work. could br wrong tho.

its just an after effect of water being heated up and expending.


posted on 7th Dec 04 at 18:23

What about the pressure? You'd have to use something that could maintain the pressure in the system, surely?


posted on 7th Dec 04 at 18:18

yeh cant c y not, as long as the water cant get out it SHOULD b ok


posted on 7th Dec 04 at 18:14

kk, wat if i was to duct tape it up or place a rubber glove over it and laccy band it down and secure it somehow... wud that be ok for a temporary fix until i can get me new cap :O


posted on 7th Dec 04 at 18:07

not really, you water will escape.......


Icon depicting mood of post posted on 7th Dec 04 at 17:48

as the title suggests, i've lost me radiator coolant tank cap thingy so is it safe for me to drive or do i need to get a new one before i start a journey???