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Big Col

posted on 18th Oct 04 at 16:41

F15CR ratios

1st - 3.73
2nd - 2.13
3rd - 1.41
4th - 1.12
5th - 0.89
fd - 3.74


posted on 18th Oct 04 at 14:43

Originally posted by Gambit
change the final drive

think thats probably the most logical way to go... will need to get the box reconditioned soon anyways so will look into it more then.:)


posted on 18th Oct 04 at 14:34

change the final drive


posted on 18th Oct 04 at 12:50

Originally posted by Kris TD
the f16 would require half the 2l fitting kit.

yeh was just think that... everything minus the mounts...

dont wanna change it that bad.....:lol:

Kris TD

posted on 18th Oct 04 at 12:43

the f16 would require half the 2l fitting kit.


posted on 18th Oct 04 at 12:31

f16 out of the question so...

i have an f10 WR but dont think it will last to long i'm runing around 120-125 BHP and higher torque than a standard c16xe.

and regards the f13cr... if the 3,4, 5 gears are the same as the f15 theres not much point.....

think i'll will just keep the revs up... it was fine the other night doing 115 at about 5500RPM but it was very loud!

James R

posted on 18th Oct 04 at 12:06

An F16 will fit, but too much hassle, it's a big block gearbox, so would need new shafts hubs etc.. far too much effort.
The F13CR has a longer 1st and 2nd but 3,4and5 are the same, so it's better for overall sprints with higher power'd beasties as you can't get traction too well in 1st and 2nd anyways.
You could put in a F10 or a F13WR but will make the car really slow.


posted on 18th Oct 04 at 10:20

will an f16 fit on a c16xe?

i just find the f15 CR on it at the moment lets it down on the motorway...

idealy i'd like a wider 4th and 5th gear...

granted the CR box is great for qauter mile runs but i dont use the car for that.....


posted on 18th Oct 04 at 10:11

i thought they were exactly the same just the f15 has a longer final drive and lets it top out at a higher speed

most people are under the impression the f13cr came on the 1.4 16v and the f16cr came on 1.6/GSi's but some 1.4 16v's came with f15's


posted on 18th Oct 04 at 08:03

anyone know the gear sizes in these 2 gearboxes?

and... how durable are F13's?