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posted on 21st Aug 04 at 19:57

cant say i have noticed that, as i say it still seems to roll a fair bit when cornering a tad fast.


posted on 20th Aug 04 at 18:01

just what iv been told by nova owners with coilovers, say that with the anti roll bar and coilovers the car tended to lift a wheel, so they removed the anti roll bar and it was all gravy


posted on 20th Aug 04 at 10:36

how come, i find the car rols quite a lot still?


posted on 20th Aug 04 at 10:05

no doubt ful to be honest. get one if you want ur engine bay to look better! if you drive your car very hard you notice a difference but not much, also wit hcoilovers people say u may aswell remove the anti roll bar!!!!


posted on 20th Aug 04 at 07:15

so are they worth getting or not?

Also i am wondering if i should change my SRi Anti roll bar to the thicker one from the GSi's, will i notice any difference?


posted on 19th Aug 04 at 23:16

Yes, I fleeced Broster good and proper when he bought mine. MWAHAHAHA.


posted on 19th Aug 04 at 22:24

no the creaking will most likely stay mate. they stiffen the front up and help under cornering etc.


posted on 19th Aug 04 at 21:51

what is the benefit of them? My main problem is creaking noises, i wonder if front/rear braces will help.

Im on FK highsport coilovers and 17's if that helps.


posted on 19th Aug 04 at 21:03

i got a lexmaul one. do you want it to improve handeling? if so id save ur pennies


posted on 19th Aug 04 at 20:40

web site for GT performance doesnt seem to work, any one else with a X14XE corsa and a strut brace reccomend one?


posted on 19th Aug 04 at 19:20

The one I got from PVD didn't fit (surprise surprise) The one I have now is a GT performance one, and fits perfectly as well as being adjustable. Check out the website


posted on 19th Aug 04 at 08:23



posted on 19th Aug 04 at 08:21

Can anyone reccomend a good one and a good place to buy one from?

I know they need to be a specific bendy shape to fit over the 16v engione and i have heard some still foul on the engine.

Does anyone know a make/model that does fit perfectly??