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posted on 17th May 04 at 21:56

Thanks for all the help.All i have to do now is find a cheap way to get these to ireland.


posted on 17th May 04 at 17:20

no - servo doesnt need to be changed m8


posted on 17th May 04 at 17:12

If i go for the for the 284mm V6 kit from V-tuning for example will i have to upgrade the servo or not.I don't want to have to upgrade it.


posted on 17th May 04 at 10:29

ive got V6 discs/turbo calipers with braided hoses and u can feel the difference with the braided hoses on. well worth the money :)


posted on 17th May 04 at 07:59

i would reccomend, once ya go V6 or bigger get some stainless steel brake hoses like the goodridge ones, otherwise the pedal will feel really spongey, im actually waiting for my hoses to arrive so i can fit my V6's, ya can pick these up for 195, brand new calipers, pads and pre drilled disks from LMF


posted on 17th May 04 at 01:00

I got the 'Hi-Spec' big brake upgrade for a cavvy gsi. Basically ya just need the 2.0 16v calipers, and the kit comes with the relocation bracket, pads and 285mm discs.

No need to upgrade the servo and they've stood up well to quite a few track sessions and with a set of braided hoses they've got a nice hard pedal feel.


posted on 16th May 04 at 22:20

the bigger set up like the V6 and turbo all the disc u will buy from say Vauxhall or the scrappers will be 5 stud (5 wheel bolts where corsas a 4)
so its eather take them some where and get the re drilled for about 20 a disc
go to a vauxhall specialist (V-Tuning etc) and buy and set of discs of them


posted on 16th May 04 at 22:01

Thanks.You mean because my car is four stud i would have to drill the disc for it to fit.I don't fully understand what you mean.


posted on 16th May 04 at 21:56

any really mate (5 stud disc will need redilling or new after market 4 stud ones)

2lt 16v
etc etc


posted on 16th May 04 at 21:51

I would be grateful for any information on this.


posted on 16th May 04 at 21:51

I have a 1995 corsa 1.2 8v and i want to upgrade the brakes.I live in ireland and maybe in time i will change the engine but with the price of insurance here i can't.I just want bigger brakes at the moment.What brakes from other vauxhalls will fit straight on.Just calipers and discs.I don't want to have to change brake servos or anything else.