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posted on 7th Apr 04 at 21:26

Well worth spending the dollar and getting it done..............get it running right + bit tuned, and you'll have urself a f**king rocket. I mean xe novas are fast enuff! lol


posted on 7th Apr 04 at 20:40

Its not hard really is it, you can find out how much a nova costs, how much wheels and suspension cost, so asking that is like asking how long a piece of string is.

A LET costs about a grand, strengthening depends if you can weld or where you take it, its not loads of work needed on the welding/strengthening front.

J da Silva

posted on 7th Apr 04 at 20:35

not really, but i'd advise locating the bulk head back a bit, quite a tight fit in the corsa b, most people say 'it slots straight in no probs' its all bullshit


posted on 7th Apr 04 at 20:32

i new u had to cut sumthing to get the f28 in but didnt think it was that much chopping

J da Silva

posted on 7th Apr 04 at 20:26

have to fuck about with the bulk head for an f28 gearbox, after doing the one i'm driving at the moment i've learned it would be more ideal to cut the bulk head out and weld it back half a foot


posted on 7th Apr 04 at 20:17

the main thing that would turn me off a nova conversion is they seem to be throw together.

for just a 2ltr conversion u have to weld up the engine bay to stremgthen it and stop it for leaving the rest of the car under power.

and the 2ltr just doesnt fit in u have to cut things.

on a corsa tehre none of this bullcrap. (well f28 depending)

Rob R

posted on 7th Apr 04 at 20:05

im only enquiring! im curious

J da Silva

posted on 7th Apr 04 at 20:04

best get building then, come back with your figure :thumbs:

Rob R

posted on 7th Apr 04 at 20:00

say for a good set up using not cheap but not expensive parts :)

J da Silva

posted on 7th Apr 04 at 19:58

depends what bargains you drop on and what kinda gear you use, cheap crap or quality parts, you cant put a certain figure on it

Rob R

posted on 7th Apr 04 at 19:57

How much would it cost to build one from sratch?

Obvious things you need
a nova:!
a 2.0 turbo engine :!
the shell strengthening?
decent suspension set up?

can someone gimme an idea of whats needed and how much the cost will be?

cheers guys!:thumbs: