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posted on 16th Mar 06 at 11:07

if it was a fuse... fook alll on the instrument cluster would work right, and it'd be fuse number 17, a 15amp jobby if i remember right


posted on 16th Mar 06 at 11:04

N e idea what fuse it could be ?? What the label is ?


posted on 18th Aug 04 at 22:59

Hmmmm..... Same thing just happened to me (98 1.6L Barina swing). Turned out to be a 20amp fuse (no 18) cryptically labeled as KL15. Thought I'd mention it in case it happens to anyone else!


posted on 5th Feb 04 at 15:53

bloody hell, been quoted 80 for supply and fit of a new cable for my car from vauxhall (Corsa B SRi 16v)!!!
I cant afford it.


posted on 5th Feb 04 at 06:47

mine stopped working properly after i fitted my white dials, think i manhandled it a bit. the mileage goes up but the speedo reads 30-40 mph off,and sits on the milage reset switch, when stationary. i couldnt have snapped the cable cos i didnt see/ touch it :boggle:


posted on 4th Feb 04 at 22:25

dont talk to me about speedo cables i broke 2 of them before i fitted the bloody thing right :lol:

when u had the dials out did u take the other end of the speedo cable off the gearbox? if so did u put it back on correctly? they snap if u dont

the Ecu light will come on if the cable is snaped. If u turn off the engine it will go off again but it comes back on after a while

40 for a cable?:!

the cable cost me 30 from vauxhaul themselves so thats about 20-25 and there a piece of piss to fit about 10 mins work if you fit it right!:lol:


posted on 4th Feb 04 at 22:19

Its an N reg Corsa B SRi 16v
I presume its the speedo cable as it seems somewhat common throughout this thread, lol!
Ill get it sussed out 2moz, and get back to ya all
thanks for the help


posted on 4th Feb 04 at 18:33

Yeah, sounds like cable problem.

What year is your car??

Shouldnt cost much for the cable and should be easy to fit yourself.


posted on 4th Feb 04 at 18:23

I had exactly the same thing , engine light and cutting out and no speedo , It was the speedo cable that broke at the join in the middle of the cable. Think i paid about 12 quid for a new one and i fitted it myself.


posted on 4th Feb 04 at 17:40

same happend to me, engine light comes on n cuts out, also speedo doesnt work n miles dont go up.
speedo cable mate, 40 quid fitted mine was


posted on 4th Feb 04 at 17:26

check the fuse mate my mates did this an it was just the fuse. it shud be a 20amp fuse i think


posted on 4th Feb 04 at 17:26

is it cable driven yes?
if so then it could be the speedo gear on the gear box its plastic and can wear out
also it could be the speedo itself


Icon depicting mood of post posted on 4th Feb 04 at 17:20

Help! :P
Was driving along today and my speedo randomly dropped down and stopped working. I looked and engine management light thing was on too. So, stopped car and restarted it. The light went off like normal but the speedo still dont work! I have had the clocks out before replacing the bulbs and facia in it etc, so im presuming its the speedo cable or sumit, but its in perfectly fine!?
Please help