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Rob H

posted on 9th Dec 03 at 18:40

Originally posted by Kris TD
its illegal to have thinner tyres on the back than the front.

Dont think it is mate. Its an MOT failure if you have different size/profile/widthe tyres on the smae axle, but front and backs can be what you want, as long as there the same on th eother side :thumbs:


posted on 9th Dec 03 at 17:16

I've had the whole lot checked, tracking, toe in, and caster are spot on. Have about 1.6 degrees of negative camber (i seem to remember, was done last year). No other reason for wear, so camber can be a problem. If you get it checked at a tyre centre or whatever, should tell you how much camber you have.

Not sayin you're wrong, TOMAS, just that it could be this...


posted on 8th Dec 03 at 23:57

Nah you need washers on the rear stub axels, not something in the turrets. I VERY much doubt camber would cause it as camber only becomes a tyre-wearing angle at over 2 degrees (which is quite a lot!), it will be the toe thats out on one of the rears or possibly a nackered bush in the trailing arm, the only thing that could cause the arm to be outa shape would be an impact from one side. Changing rear shocks will do nothing as the rear wheels are at a FIXED geometry to the trailing arm so I wouldnt even bother changing. At WORST you could pick up a whole trailing arm for around 50-100 from the scrappers, get it home clean it up (possibly respray with nice smooth hammerite black if rusty) Its just two nuts/bolts to attach it to the chassis and then couple the brakes back up or swap your original rear brakes onto the new arm, two bolts to the bottom of the rear dampers slot the springs/spring cup&rubber in and away you go... :D :thumbs:

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posted on 8th Dec 03 at 22:12

If you can feel the car pulling to one side, its prob tracking, but that usually causes more apparent wear on one tyre than the other. My fronts are wearing equally on the inside, it is a camber thing to with having lowered suspension. Theres nothing you can do if this is the case, as you can't alter the camber on a corsa, only the tracking and caster i think. The only way to straighten it out is to get adapter plates (as TOMAS mentioned) that sit in the suspension turrets to take up the excess, but you might have problems regards the tyres rubbing on the arches.

If you get down low and look at the back of your car, do the wheels angle in a lot like this... / \ ?

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posted on 8th Dec 03 at 18:25

well i'm putting the standard suspension back on wednesday so i'll say if theres anything obvious with it.

Ty Kris, atleast i know i'm leagel.

TBH dont think its been shunted, knew the owner before me and the owner before that was a middle aged couple so its doubtful.

is weird tho!

Kris TD

posted on 8th Dec 03 at 17:01

its illegal to have thinner tyres on the back than the front.


posted on 8th Dec 03 at 16:58

get it on a 4 wheel alignment and they will be able to point out what is wrong with it, whether its bent or just the camber is out

its very strange for the rears to do that unless the camber had been adjusted by adding spacers as tomas pointed out


posted on 8th Dec 03 at 16:52

Thats very strange mate, if tyres are over inflated, they wear down the centre, underinflated they wear on BOTH sides, sounds very much like a bent chassie, but do check wheel bearings first and movement in the suspension componants


posted on 8th Dec 03 at 16:42

if you sort it let us know what was wrong


posted on 8th Dec 03 at 08:30

hmmmmmmmm better sell it then :)

nah never swapped the tyres from front to back and tyres are correct pressure.

Ty tho :thumbs:


posted on 7th Dec 03 at 17:25

durrr obvious
i didnt say tyre pressure as Tomas says.



posted on 7th Dec 03 at 17:23

Yeah as Adam says rear geometry is fixed on the back, i'd say your beam must be shafted from an impact, or someone before you has tried to alter the camber by fitting washers to the hubs? Are your tyres the correct pressure?

J da Silva

posted on 7th Dec 03 at 17:19

might be a daft question but have you swapped the wheels from front to back in the past?


posted on 7th Dec 03 at 17:18

there isnt tracking on the back of a corsa??

u sure the rear beam hasnt bent in the middle?

or the bushes arent worn
both wheel bearing gone?
what et are the wheels?


posted on 7th Dec 03 at 17:06

Originally posted by stuyw
i thought u couldnt have bigger wheels on front than the back :boggle:

erm, i never knew there was a law, and i dont see it being a prob, coz on most cars, the spares are only usually 13"-14", where as the road wheels are 15"-17" etc



posted on 7th Dec 03 at 17:04

Ty :D anyone know about these kits?


posted on 7th Dec 03 at 17:04

i thought u couldnt have bigger wheels on front than the back :boggle:


posted on 7th Dec 03 at 17:01

erm 15"s and 14"s match is legal - no probs there - just remember ur main priority is thread depth.

erm - maybe ur right - but i think there are camber correction kits available



posted on 7th Dec 03 at 16:58

yeah got the standard ones are so are fine at the mo although fronts are on 15's and backs on 14's, is that illegal?

also didnt think the camber could be set on the rear tyres? just the front?

P.S u guys are fast today :thumbs:


posted on 7th Dec 03 at 16:57

tracking/camber is well out.

Needs taking to a tyres place to have it done + set up professionally.

Also - i'd recommend new tyres all round, coz if the tyres are bad enough, its 3 points and 1k fine, PER TYRE


posted on 7th Dec 03 at 16:56

sos bad terminology (sp) erm nah there just real bold mate just on the inside tho


posted on 7th Dec 03 at 16:54

cut up? they rubbing?
on sommit?


posted on 7th Dec 03 at 16:52

ive lowered my car 40mm using a spax kit i bought off my mate which was used for a 1.4 16v.

My rear wheels are completely bold on the inside but fine everywhere else and theyve only done 8000 - 9000 miles:boggle:

Was there a difference between the sri and the sport's rear suspension that could have done this?

anyone got any ideas? dont fancy getting some more tyres within the next 7months again!

[Edited on 07-12-2003 by Sethion33]