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posted on 2nd Dec 03 at 18:46

yeah, it is easy, but you have to cut into the bumper, not one for the faint harted! and if you f**k it, thats it no more bumper:(


posted on 2nd Dec 03 at 18:44

cheers mate.. looks like a bodyshop jobby


posted on 2nd Dec 03 at 18:40

if you do that then 1 you will need to light it (on the spot fine if not) and
2 it will bend the plate and it will eventually break as the bumpers curved.

try this

its fr the nova but ive used it on loads of bumpers, ithere that or if heard of people using the one from the new corsa bumper, or the fiesta, in my opinion it would be harder, but i suppose cheeper.

hope this helps


posted on 2nd Dec 03 at 18:36

sweet.. u gota online link or number for this place mate

su1 suggested screwin it on bumper with no recess.. or sum sort of strong velcro strips

didnt like the idea of either tho...


posted on 2nd Dec 03 at 18:11

basicly to make a recess you cut a whole in the bumper, and put in place either a flat piece of plastic or a bought recess (about 45 from quad conversions. Then bond this on and use bumper filler to fill, and then sand and spray over the top, not that hard with the recess from quad converions as it has the light built in.

dunno if a fiberglass bumper will hold it, think it would


posted on 2nd Dec 03 at 18:09



posted on 1st Dec 03 at 18:58

after smoothing the boot its gota go on the rear bumper

wots best way to hold it on.. esp on a fibreglass bumper

can u make a recess easily?:boggle: