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posted on 28th Nov 03 at 00:53

Tomas - One of my 15's is up for sale, as are my 2 yellow top which are in the shed!

Jill - Cheers :thumbs: Danny(J100RSA) has cleared it all up for me, but cheers anyway :)


posted on 27th Nov 03 at 19:44

"Vehicles fitted with a different engine"
Test according to which is older, engine or vehicle.
e.g. A 1995 car fitted with a 1991 engine (of whatever make), test to 1991 standards for emission purposes.

Note: The onus is on the vehicle presenter
to prove engine age.



posted on 27th Nov 03 at 18:53

Corb you gettin the conversion done mate?? Im pissin my pants with excitement as im not far off having the cash to get it done at Griffin and just had a really good quote of Flux 950 fully comp, all mods declaired and thats with the 150bhp lump. Now you may realise why you aint seen me in I.C.E forum for a while :lol: Oooh i'll be stoppin pretty quick with it too as the billet 4pot calipers and 300mm discs have been ordered, awaiting delivery ;) My have to ditch the ICE in favour of weight and speed :lol: :lol: :thumbs:

CRB 553

posted on 27th Nov 03 at 17:25

u can use the number off the engine block as proof


posted on 26th Nov 03 at 22:21

u have to be able to proove year of engine as mine came form a 91cav i need no cat cat became law in august 92 ill het my mot hand book and try post the page that tels u all about it


posted on 26th Nov 03 at 20:58

what if i dont have docs for the car??

Daimo B

posted on 26th Nov 03 at 19:23

Basically Corb, u will have a 20XE. same year as my engine, again also out of an Astra GTE. You wont need a cat.

Check under exhaust port 3 as well to see if u have a Coscast head ;)


posted on 26th Nov 03 at 19:13

mine has no lambda sensor wire in the loom so i dont need cat, i think if they see a lambda sensor they will tell you you need a cat.

Daimo B

posted on 26th Nov 03 at 19:04

I done a lot of research into this because i didn't want to piss about with putting in/taking out cat for the MOT.

If the engine came with the Cat, then you WILL need it for the MOT unless u can twist their arm.


posted on 26th Nov 03 at 18:02

U only need a car if engine is built after august 1st 1992


posted on 26th Nov 03 at 17:33

you do not need a CAT for a 2lt 16v

Daimo B

posted on 26th Nov 03 at 16:29

Doesn't mater fella. Mine came without a CAT so i didn't put it on. As long as u have the documentation of the original engine saying that it didn't have a CAT (Well, it doesn't say that, but the engine year/number etc will confrim it) and you have this for the MOT then all should be fine.

I didn't put the cat on mine. Straight thru system into the rear boxes (2" pipe)


posted on 26th Nov 03 at 16:28

emmissions go on age of engine not car

so u don't need one as the 1989 GTE never had one


posted on 26th Nov 03 at 16:16

but the car's a 96 P


posted on 26th Nov 03 at 16:10

Obviously the engine has no CAT so it won't be require for the MOT either


posted on 26th Nov 03 at 16:09

1996 P-reg Corsa B with engine from an '89 Astra GTE(without cat)

What have you/can you suggest as a solution??

Cheers, corb.