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posted on 12th Nov 03 at 21:44

Just done another paper clip test and here's the results....
22. Throttle Potentiometer Sensor (TPS).... Low Voltage.
33. Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor.... High Voltage
34. Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor.... Low Voltage
35. Idle Stepper Motor.... Poor Or No Idle Speed Control
45. Oxygen Sensor.... Air/Fuel Mixture Too Rich
93. Quad Drive Module (in ECU).... N/A
Any ideas? apart from scrap it which has crossed my mind Or take it to the Dealers?


posted on 12th Nov 03 at 20:30

Has anyone got any idea where the pipes off the throttle body go? I've got one coming out of the back and joins straight back underneath.
Come on guys help me out otherwise vauxhalls gonna get there hands on it :(


posted on 12th Nov 03 at 16:19

Where could i get a diagram of the pipe work on the engine and inlet? I just want to make sure it's all piped up correct.
Just another thought, when i put the engine in the wiring for the injectors was different, the new engine had the wires running through a box which all attacthed to the injectors as one unit where as mine are all seperate. Is it possible that it has different sensors and injectors in the engine ?

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posted on 11th Nov 03 at 21:11

I've just this minute done the paper clip test and it came up 45 which is oxygen sensor Air fuel mixture too rich... could it be a faulty lamda sensor? also when i did the test the sensor on the throttle body was making weird noises like it was trying to turn, i don't no what this is but when the butterfly opens i think it moves something inside there.... any ideas?
Cheers for your previous responses :)


posted on 11th Nov 03 at 20:39

have you tried a different ECU? mine had big fuel problems and didnt idle good, changed every sensor still crap, changed the ECU and re-programmed key and it has been fine ever since
this would be your last resort though


posted on 11th Nov 03 at 20:30

if the engine mag light comes on do the paper clip test (do a search to find out how) an find out the problem....


posted on 11th Nov 03 at 20:28

temp sensor?


Icon depicting mood of post posted on 11th Nov 03 at 20:09

I've just put a new engine in my car and took it for the test and it failed on the emissions BIG time!!! The guy says it's overfueling like mad and when it went up to 12.86% on the machine it just aborted the test. Any ideas what it could be? i've put another lamda sensor in and can't see anything hanging off. Is it possible to have put the pipes on the wrong way round? the car doesn't idle very well either and the engine management light comes on.
It's a 1.4 sri the early 8 valve engine with multipack not distributor.
Please help me i'm suppose to be going away at the weekend :(